The Story

The Iconic BC Restaurant

White Spot has been serving its delicious, home-style dishes to it its patrons since 1928. Since then, the brand has built up a significant and loyal following both offline and online. With an increasingly saturated market, White Spot has remained consistent with its values, providing quality, affordable and locally sourced food while remaining relevant to modern-day diets and tastes.

The Challenge

12 Days of giveaways staying front-on-mind throughout the holidays

The holiday period is a characteristically busy time – every brand is competing for their share of spotlight across the social channels. During December, consumers are berated with ads from competing brands. Our objective was to keep White Spot front-of-mind for our customers by remaining relevant and driving engagement with our content. AntiSocial always advocates for supporting local businesses, so we leveraged our local partnerships as prizes, providing a range of clients with additional exposure and an opportunity to give back to the community.

The Solution

Beating the holiday rush

Historically, our followers have been most engaged when incentivized (who isn’t!) and have always been particularly receptive around our ‘12 days of giveaways’ campaign– now in its third year. However, recent years have seen an overwhelming volume of contesting across social channels making it more difficult to stand out from the crowd. By moving the ‘12 days of giveaways’ to the start of December, we beat the onslaught of giveaways, which helped to retain the brand awareness early on. The prizes offered were all provided by local businesses, once again showing our support for the region.


Campaign collateral through design

As with any campaign, we needed to shoot specific supporting imagery. As we only required a few stand-alone shots, the remainder of the shoot was dedicated to new feature menu items, as well as some lifestyle-focused imagery that would be used as evergreen content. In order to deliver the highest quality photo content, we brought studio lights so that we could have broad, clear lighting that would bring out the natural beauty of the products. We wanted to show every detail and colour in these exciting new menu items. The team sourced a variety of props to provide texture to the images, and we brought fresh ingredients that told a visual story by deconstructing the elements of the items and showcasing what made them unique.

Graphically designed assets

Once we had captured the images, we needed to make a suite of assets that were all uniform so that our community could easily identify a giveaway post. We wanted to encapsulate a Christmas-y feel, while still giving the prize enough exposure. By incorporating the iconic White Spot brand font, we subtly retained our brand presence throughout the series.

The Results

Engagement and interaction rates were significantly higher in comparison to the 2018 campaign. By deploying a more focused boost target for our posts we were able to reach those most affirmed with our brand and therefore likely to engage with our content. Breaking the 10k follower mark on Instagram in the first few days is a testament to the success of the campaign.




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