The Story

For Toronto Pride, we worked with Netflix to help people share their Pride stories and spread the love to those who need it most.

  • servicesInstallation
  • year2020

The Challenge

Recreate a system from 65 individual menus

Earls was looking to create a more detailed website to direct their customers to the right information. With 65 restaurants across North America and different menus for each, they wanted a website that allowed for customization and to showcase each one of their locations in celebratory detail.

The Solution

Personal pride story booth

We worked with Netflix and Sid Lee to create a personal story booth to live at Toronto Pride for 3 days. We designed an enclosed prism structure covered in a refracted rainbow effect, perfect for representing the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. Inside the booth was a two-camera setup and an iPad that guided and prompted parade-goers as they were asked to tell their Pride-themed story. Footage captured from the installation was used to create social content for Netflix Canada’s social channels.


Black Magic gear, Touch Designer, and web tech for that 4K feeling

The booth captured recordings in 4K from two different angles and archived full quality footage for professional editing during and after the event. Using a combination of Black Magic gear, Touch Designer, and web tech (React, Websockets, RTSP) we were able to control the rig remotely from an iPad, while providing the user live video feedback. Black Magic’s open-source TCP control protocols allowed us to create a bridge between professional and consumer gear. TCP signals passed over a local network allowing users to control the cameras from the iPad. They could even request playback from our recording decks with a push of a button.

The Results

A celebratory, sentimental, and colorful project that commemorated LGBTQ+ people and allies on a human-to-human level.