The Story

Happy Egg is an organization committed to healthy chickens, caring farmers, and happy eggs. They believe that the best food comes from careful, organic practices, and they help communities around the world improve their egg farming practices. We were asked to create a website that educates why choosing Happy Eggs makes you feel eggs-tra good (we had to).

The Challenge

Free-range, cage-free, organic, farm-fresh

With competing information, how do you pick the healthiest egg option? Our challenge was to design an award-winning website to set Happy Egg apart from their competitors.

The Solution

Egg-celent design to lead storytelling

Throughout the project, we worked on all aspects including UI/UX, strategy, design, development, content production, photography, art direction, compositing, copywriting, and motion graphics. Happy Egg also asked our team to handle post-production for the site’s photography and videos.


A novel integration of Django and VueJS

We worked closely with the Happy Egg team to create this egg-celent (sorry) website. Through careful and efficient integration of user input and WebGL animations, we were able to reproduce the “look and feel” of an egg yolk to help tell the brand story and explain how a Happy Egg is produced. We developed a novel integration of Django and VueJS to give both the user and client the best of both worlds.

The Results

A powerful and capable CMS and a snappy, adaptive front-end = an award-winning and egg-squisite (last time, promise) website.


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