The Story

Family favorite Earls Kitchen & Bar is a thriving hospitality brand with 65 restaurants across North America. Through beauty and function, our web redesign breathed life back into this growing global restaurant brand’s digital presence.

The Challenge

Recreate a system from 65 individual menus

Earls was looking to create a more detailed website to direct their customers to the right information. With 65 restaurants across North America and different menus for each, they wanted a website that allowed for customization and to showcase each one of their locations in celebratory detail.

The Solution

Celebrating 65 menus whilst simplifying the user experience

We were tasked with compiling the seasonal and changing menus for each of the 65 locations whilst simplifying the user experience. Accessibility needs, data structuring, and a whole lot of backend customization brought this project together in the end.


A CMS controlled beautiful, complex, and custom website

We created a CMS controlled and fed web application, powered by Python and Django. We use Redis to cache template fragments and live data is fed to the pages from the Django application. The application can feed location aware results to the user based on the user’s IP address. This way we were able to direct the user to the closest restaurant to their location and present those pages to the user. The CMS handles all of the unique locations and their associated location specific menus. The CMS controls all of the secondary pages too.

The Results

A beautiful and functionally custom website designed to their new brand, and built for their complex menu system.


Best Innovation, Best UX, Best UI


Honourable Mention