The Story

Beedie Luminaries Scholarship Program

Beedie Luminaries is a social-profit enterprise that gives promising BC students the opportunity to advance their education and achieve their dreams. But, the program is much more than financial support, it is about creating a nurturing community for the students that will help them reach their potential and inspire their communities.

The Challenge

Amplifying brand sentiment through social strategy

The program is relatively new, so our main challenge was to increase the program’s visibility and increase the volume of applications for the following intake season. Because they are a charitable brand, we had to be dollar conscious, and we refined our social strategy with precise audience targeting and ad placement.

The Solution

Replicating a Physical Community in a Digital Landscape

We wanted Beedie’s social feed to show that they were more than just a scholarship program. Through graphic design, animation, and live action we introduced Beedie as a destination for information sourcing and sharing. Be it about the program itself, or tips and tricks on working from home. We also looked to leverage the programs biggest assets– the students themselves. Through interview features and student spotlights we gave the students a stage to shine and? gave prospecting and future students an insight to the program.


First Cohort Announcement / Brand Video

To celebrate the announcement of the inaugural cohort we wanted to create a branded suite of assets that championed the new Luminaries. After carefully selecting a series of locations, we created a relaxing environment where the students could feel free to express themselves. The output included a full lifestyle photoset, a branded cohort celebration video and a series of testimonial shorts from each of the chosen students which were optimized for sharing on social platforms.


We wanted to provide a platform for our Luminaries to reflect on their first thirty days at university. By getting them to talk openly about their experiences it gave prospecting Luminaries a window into post secondary life and what it means to be a part of the program. We decided to host the shoot in a studio setting to replicate a Q&A scenario. The shoot was entirely unscripted to allow for genuine, unfiltered answers.

Demystifying the Application Process

Using the insights provided by the client from the first application season, we understood that there were a few choking points that prevented applications from being submitted. Through analytics, in a similar fashion to the ‘abandoned basket’ feature, we were able to identify where applications were left dormant and could create informative graphics and animations that would guide applicants through these steps. We also wanted to ensure we had the maximum number of applications as possible, so issued gentle prompts through our social channels reminding the applicants how long they had left to submit their application.

The Results

Our social strategy successfully drove an increase in followership and engagement across all channels. During the application season we increased the brand visibility considerably, utilizing targeted paid ads, boosted in feed posted and dark posts. Growing impression volumes by 166% on Instagram, increasing Facebook page engaged users by +120% and LinkedIn followers by +248%.


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