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We are an innovative digital branding and marketing agency helping companies expand their online presence worldwide. We offer a wide range of services including social media strategy, photo and video production,?website development, media buying, branding, copywriting, and consulting.

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Contemporary designs, captivating content, and innovative marketing campaigns. We provide services covering all things needed for success in the fast-paced world of digital marketing.

Our in-house departments include: social media strategists, website designers, photographers, videographers, copywriters, animators, graphic designers, project managers, paid advertising strategists, and, of course, dogs.

Marketing starts with a human connection. And, these days, a social media platform is where those connections are felt. Our strategists can reach your audience, starting conversations through your social media channels.

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One-third of online activity is spent watching video. Use this to your advantage by letting engaging, custom video tell your brand’s story. Our videographers shoot quality, original content designed to grab viewers attention.

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Your website is the face of your business, it’s here where potential clients get their first impression of you. Our developers and designers create elegant site pages that best match your company’s identity and serve your goals.

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When your goals are low cost and high conversions, you need to strategize. Our strategists focus your advertising campaigns to the audience right for your brand, saving you time and money.

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Your brand, just like yourself, is more than a pretty face. It goes beyond front-facing design work; it is, essentially, who and what your company is. Let us help you create a narrative true to yourself.

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Content is one of the top reasons why people follow a brand. Understanding what your customers are looking for is only part of our job, shooting it so they are captivated is where we excel.

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Humanizing your brand before you even meet your audience takes skill. By using well-written content and copywriting, you can inspire trust in your audience.

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It takes experienced people, not programs, to develop a truly authentic search engine strategy. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) produces great returns on your online investment.

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Why do brands trust us? Not only do our results speak for themselves, but so do our past clients. We offer solutions that are specific to your business, designed to achieve your unique goals.


Read up here on what’s going on in the digital marketing world. Let our staff writers fill you in on industry related news, what our office is up to, and provide (almost) endless marketing advice. Tips and tricks at no extra charge.

Together,we can dogreat things.

Contact us with any and all questions, queries, or ambitions you might have. Our staff are always available to chat. Pick up the phone, shoot us an email, or slide into our DMs.

Let's Do This

AntiSocial x Thinkingbox

Over the past seven years, AntiSocial has grown from a small startup into a creative competitor. Our work has spanned industries, built communities, and helped us become a force in the digital world. Now, it’s time for us to continue growing.

As of April 2020, we are proud to announce that AntiSocial will be joining the Thinkingbox family. As a leader in the world of innovative and interactive production, Thinkingbox approached us with the goal of creating a diverse collective that executes physical, digital, and experiential strategies for clients across the globe. This merger will broaden the scope of our work, mixing digital strategies with colossal interactive knowledge. In addition, it allows our team to grow. With new offices in LA, Salt Lake City, New York, and Toronto, we are joining a talented international network that will allow us more resources, reach, and opportunities for creativity.

AntiSocial was created with the intention of making social media, an ironically antisocial experience, into a place where communities could connect. Over the years our work has not only connected brands to their audiences but has nurtured online relationships across the digital sphere.

We are keeping the name AntiSocial, as a tribute to our roots and as a testament to what our work stands for. In a way, nothing is changing. Our values are the same, our team is the same (though slightly bigger), and our work will only continue to improve. What you can count on is more diverse content, integrated real-world strategies, and high-level marketing that can only come from this kind of collaboration.

We want to thank all of our clients who have believed in us from the beginning, our city for always having our back, and our creative teammates that, over the years, made us into the company we are today.

There are no closed doors, only new paths being forged. We hope to see you out there with us-- let’s create together.


Daryl Louie

Alex Chan